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Jamaican DRY Cerasee leaves, TEA HERB, BITTER MELON

Jamaican DRY Cerasee leaves, TEA HERB, BITTER MELON

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Maxinescorner : Jamaican CERASEE | 100% Wild Crafted & Hand Picked | Bitter Melon | Fresh Organically Grown Jamaican Herb

Cerasee, scientifically known as "Momordica charantia," is a very bitter herb, but like every other bitter herb, it purifies the blood and the body.It is a native to Africa and the Middle East and can today be found in almost every parts of the world.

The yellow fruit with the red seeds, know as bitter melon, can be eaten as well as they can be cooked, which is popularly used in Chinese dishes.The leaves and fruit were used to make soups and stews, it is the most popularly used herb in Jamaica, and has proven to work for whatever it is used for. Older folks tend to use it more that younger folks and will most times recommend it for whatever ailment they think it is good for.

Health Benefits

The number one medicinal benefitis for the cure of abdominal pains. A small bundle of the leaves with vines and some ginger, boiled to make a tea with a little sugar or honey added is very effective. Some people like it better without any sweetener, which is in fact the best way.

A tea made from the leaves and vines is used to treat parasitic worms, liver problems, as a tonic, and as a blood and body cleanser. This herb has detoxifying properties and is used as a wash out to purge the body.

The leaves crushed and rubbed (to get the juice extracted) in a bath with water is used to bathe in to treat skin ailments such as rashes, atopic dermatitis (eczema), sores, and naturally to give your skin a cleaner more refined look.

Very effective in relieving constipation, fevers and colds in children.

The tea decreases menstrual cramps can also treat urinary tract infections.

When consumed as a tea by pregnant women, this herb is said to purify the baby's skin giving it a very beautiful look after birth.

Cerasee contains nutrients like iron, vitamins A and C, phosphorous and alkaloids, thus its effectiveness in treating many ailments.

You can also purchase this medicinal herb in supermarkets. It is dried and sold in plastic wraps or sold as tea bags. This bitter herb can also be steamed like a vegetable if it is too difficult for you to consume it as a tea.

Herbal Tea Brewing Basics:

Scoop 1 tsp. Of herb in a strainer, then place in a cup. Add 8 oz. Near boiling water and steep for 5-8 minutes. 

1 oz. Loose Leaves

serving size 1 tsp. 



*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

*No claims or guarantees are made regarding the effectiveness of this product. Discuss with your doctor prior to use. Herb information provided for educational purposes only. Not a substitute for advice given by your primary caregiver. 

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