Ultimate Beginners Guide to Veganism


Going Vegan In 2020

Ok, you have decided to go vegan in 2020. I want to congratulate you on making the best decision for your health, all animals and the earth. In this news letter I will teach you how to transition into veganism simple and easy.

What can I eat as a vegan
Knowing what you can and cannot eat is very important for vegans. Trust me, I get it. It can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming in the beginning. In the beginning you have no clue or idea what’s vegan and what’s not vegan. Sometimes you may not be sure what a vegan diet consist of. The vegan diet is one of the simplest diet to follow. There is an array of foods you can eat like vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and products made from these foods.
Let’s start with grains

Choose Whole Grains 

Let’s start by choosing to eat whole grains, which means you will be swapping out white bread  and pasta, for whole grains, like brown rice, and quinoa. Keep in mind nutrients are stripped out of your food when grains are refined. Just remember extra fiber will keep you full longer and may help you lose weight. 

  • High Protein Breakfast 
  • Overnight oats 3 ways 
  • Chia pudding 

Eat An Assortment of Foods

Eating an assortment of foods will help you to get the nutrients you need. It’s essential to eat a balance diet to prevent fatigue. Green leafy vegetables are perfect for vitamins A, C & K.  Remember you will get fiber and proteins from legumes. To get all your nutrients choose colors of the rainbow when eating. These includes blueberries, pomegranate, sweet oranges, squash and sweet potatoes. If you are looking for a simple meal try a Mediterranean Quinoa salad. 

Make Vegetables The Star of Your Meals
You know, I always say don’t worry about the foods you cannot  have, but focus on the foods you can have on a vegan/Plant-base diet. Having a delicious meal does not have to include meat. But if you are just starting out you can always try tofu, tempeh, seitan, or make a loaf from lentils. Eating lots of vegetables helps to keep your calories in tact and being high in fiber will keep you satisfied. 
Substitutes for fish: Artichoke crab cakes, carrot salmon, avocado salmon. 
Substitutes for dairy: Nut milk, Oat milk, nutritional yeast, cashew cheese. 

Vegan Cheese Brands: Violife, miyoko’s, follow your heart,  Daiya, good planet. 
Fake meat brands: Beyond meat, tofurky, impossible burger, Pure, gardein, light life. 
Documentaries worth watching: 
Forks over knives 
Game Changers 
What The Health 

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