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5 Foods That’s Destroying Your Metabolism

You may be exercising and trying to eat healthy but when you look in the mirror you get frustrated because you do not see the results. You think you are increasing your metabolism but in fact you may be destroying it, by eating the wrong foods. The foods you consumed on a daily basis could be destroying your metabolism.

Metabolism is the system in the body which converts calories into energy. Many things contribute to your metabolism including but not limited to race, Age, and heredity. A metabolic slowdown may leads to built up of calories. To avoid metabolism destroying your metabolism I have create a list which will help give your metabolism a boost.

Here are five foods that may be hindering your weight loss goals. 

#1 Soda Pop

Soda get a bad reputation because it is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. High Fructose Corn Syrup is sweetener made from corn starch that has been processed by glucose isomerase to concert some of its glucose into fructose. High Fructose Corn Syrup is manufactured mostly from genetically modified corn. It is bad because it may increase your risk of obesity and diabetes. It’s hard to escape this type of sugar it is found in many process foods, such as cereals, baked goods, juices and sodas. Instead of soda go with seltzer water, add some fruits for flavor. You can also mix lemon juice into your water for a metabolism boost.

#2 White Bread

White bread and pasta may taste better than whole wheat pasta, it taste better because it is processed and all of its healthy benefits whole grains have be stripped away. All its healthy properties have been stripped like fiber and antioxidants. Because all of it’s nutrients has been stripped you are left with something that might have a better taste and texture, but its very very low in nutrients. White flour has little to no fiber, this means its doing nothing for your metabolism. in fact, it slows down your digestion. Instead go with wheat flour.

#3 Corn

Corn products and corn are everywhere, but what you did not know is that 85% of US corn is genetically engineered (GMO), which means it made in a lab and can pose serious risk to humans, wildlife and environment. Authentic corn does have small (very small) amounts of vitamins and minerals, but most of the corn we consumed has been processed. Which means all the nutrition has been removed. Corn contains high glycemic, this means you may get an usually spike in your blood sugar and insulin which can lead to metabolic disaster.

#4 Margarine

Most sources of trans fat are off the market, but can still be found in a stick of margarine and baked goods. The trans fat in margarine can destroy your metabolism because it can lead to insulin resistance. Insulin a hormone which is used in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Insulin resistance can result in slower metabolism and weight gain. Especially around the abdomen, as it causes our bodies to store fat more easily.

#5 Farmed Beef

Farmed beef has more antibiotics than grass-fed beef. Conventionally farmed beef can hurt our metabolism. Farmed beef is full of antioxidants which can effect the good bacteria living in your stomach, this can cause weight gain. The next time you go to the grocery store buy grass fed beef. Your health along with your waist line will thank you.

8 thoughts on “5 Foods That’s Destroying Your Metabolism

  1. Great information sweetheart. Just a question does fresh corn has risk or your talking about the cane corn and frozen one . I never look at meet especially cow meat only look chicken. So thank you I will pay attention to it . Thank sisy

  2. Very spot on, we should just try to avoid these even though it’s almost impossible cuz 90percent of some of the things we buy in our grocery stores contain artificial sweeteners and ingredients.. Thumbs up

  3. great information hun i didnt know about margerine i eat alot of eat im glad you shared this gonna find something else to use.

  4. Wow😲 So, meat is the culprit. I thought meat was a good source of protein and could be used to replace those fatty cab 😐 I’ve been eating meat a lot thinking it will help my weight loss journey. Now I know better, thanks for sharing 😙😚

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